Does soymilk count as a vegatable or a dairy product on the food pyramid or is it both?

Does soymilk count as a vegatable or a dairy product on the food pyramid or is it both?

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Does soymilk count as a vegatable or a dairy product on the food pyramid or is it both?

Also. Soy veggie burgers such as Boca and Morningstar. Do they count as meat or vegetables on the food pyramid?

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Soy milk is considered in all groups except fruit. Soy burger (made from soy beans) has no meat but is a protein (all beans are) that could count as either on the chart. However when served can count as a meat or a veggie. It has to be one or the other it can’t count as both on the same tray. This chart shows it on every food group except fruit.

they are all vegetables.but high in calcium and in protein.

Im gunna say soymilk is a dairy becuaseeeeee soy isn’t even a vegetable in the first place, and since it has similar protein to dairy and a more similar fat content to dairy then a vegetable. And soy burgers are meat subsitutes, but regular veggie burges with out soy i suppose would be vegetable,

neighther for the first 1, defenitaly veggie 4 #2

According to the Mayo Clinic Food Pyramid, I would say it’s classified as protein/dairy.

However, I would not consider it dairy, that’s for cows. When’s the last time you heard of a soybean dairy?

I would think it would be considered a dairy product since it is suppose to be a dairy substuite. It has your calcium, protein, soy protein and many others so it is basically just like milk just without the lactose. For the second i would have to say meat cause once again it is a meat substuite. Both are very good for you and would recommend them instead of the actual thing.

Soy milk is somewhere between meat and dairy. Soy burgers are definitely in the meat pyramid. Neither of these are veggies!!! None of these contain beta carotene, Vitamin C or many of the vitamins usually contained in vegetables.

I would count it as a carb (like bread or pasta) and a dairy (because of the protien and added calcium in most brands)

Really,this is the food pyramid

Every thing can be put into those categories.Fruit=carbs&protein

I think these food pyramids may help you! They are specifically for vegetarians and vegans.×600.jpg

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