Gettin’ Craftastic

Gettin’ Craftastic

As I have mentioned before, in my Organization post, I am SO not crafty.

But I AM inspired by the craftiness of others and enjoy borrowing their ideas!!

For example, my sister-in-law is super craftastic and generous as well. She recently came over and spiffed up our daughter’s room and also gave us some great stuff to really make our home more homey. She’s got a gift and easily makes a room come to life with seemingly little effort.

I can never seem to make this kind of stuff happen. At least not as easily as she does. I get overwhelmed and just freeze.

BUT, I am getting better at decorating and was so very excited when I saw this great design idea!

Use clipboards to hang art, drawings, and anything random you want to display.

Here is where I got the idea (she seems to be the ultimate in craftasticness…I am beyond jealous):

The link and info was in a newsletter email I get from Daily Worth. It’s great too, with so many fab money tips it’s ridiculous.

I love this clipboard idea because it is inexpensive, easy, simple, and you are not stuck with one design. I love the change up!

The other night I had a margarita inspired gathering, so I hung these (printed off the internet):

Now I have hung my kid’s drawings, a NYC map, and a few other cool things I like to be looking at at the moment:

I am going to add a few more on each side and then I was thinking of maybe sticking one of these on each side. But I may be getting carried away…

Are you gettin’ craftastic?

Any thrifty design tips or ideas?

Do share in the comments below, we’d love to hear them and maybe ‘steal’ them from you too!

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