How Obesity Causes Heart Disease

How Obesity Causes Heart Disease

how obesity causes heart disease

What does this heart disease "cause of death" really mean?

My grandmother died many years ago and was recently at a genealogical research and looked at his death certificate. The cause of death was just as heart disease atherosclerosis and hypertension. "A secondary cause of death was classified as obesity." Absolutely nothing else was on the list. It seems general enough to me. Does this mean that she has just had a heart attack? Or that his heart was so seriously weakened by the disease that has just given out? No autopsy was performed on it so I wonder how the doctor could conclude anything by looking at its exterior. I''m just curious as to what this means and how that conclusion could have been achieved without an internal examination. Any ideas would be appreciated.

By law to have a diagnosis on the certificate death. "Natural causes" and "old age" are not acceptable diagnoses. If a person dies of unknown causes the most common cause death is "atherosclerotic heart disease" or "myocardial infarction (heart attack.) So it''s possible they were just not sure what that was the cause of death and therefore chose the most likely cause. Heart disease is the # 1 cause of death and the most likely cause of sudden death. Also may be somehow knew that she died of these conditions. You could try the doctor in the death certificate, but it has been awhile I can not remember all the details. If she really died of atherosclerotic heart disease, then it probably had a heart attack lead to an abnormal heart rhythm that caused his death.

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