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If you drank until when have become pregnant, or smoked, the immediate stop of it also is pernicious. Many women are disturbed by that they used an alcohol quantity before have learnt, that they are pregnant. If you are anxious by it, you should talk to your representative of public health services. Chances that all will be simply good, will increase, as soon as you stop. At the moment there is no recommended safe restriction of the use of alcohol for drawing of harm of pregnancy, thus, is better to refrain from the alcohol use.pregnancy symptoms

Smoking also is harmful to mother during pregnancy. Smoking also can harm to your not born fruit, potentially promoting deviations at a birth or to development of respiratory problems in the subsequent in a life. Whether you know, what when you smoke, your child receives less oxygen, than could? It can cause sharp delay of growth of your child, than at normal, and also promote premature birth which can be potential threat for a life of your baby.

If you the smoker, also have learnt, that are pregnant, consult with your doctor immediately about your state of health. Your doctor can co-operate with you to develop the plan for elimination of it and will tell that you can learn about a life of the child during pregnancy. There are also the numerous groups of support useful to mothers which try to stop in time and even after pregnancy. Remember that the earlier you will cease to smoke, the more likely you will start to provide your not born child with the best birth, safe sorts and all remained life.

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