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Hair LossMen and women can be effected by hair loss and it happens to be a very serious matter. Somebody that is experiencing hair loss really does not have many options for hair styles. They can just live with it, shave it all off, or find some way to get it back. The options are many if you are trying to get your hair back.

Hair is growing all of the time. However there is some that is not growing, hair in the dormant stage. Also this is the hair that usually falls out. People go Bald is because the hair in the dormant stage is more of a percentage then the hair that can be grown back.

Stress caused from surgery or plain stress causes hair loss. Also weight gain is another reason why people experience hair loss. Any chemical imbalance from pregnancy or health problem can cause hair loss too.

It all depends on how your hair loss has happened but there are some things that can be done. If the hair loss had been because of pregnancy then you could get a pill that replaces the hormone loss, it is prescribed by your doctor. If you have experienced your hair loss from an illness or if it is indeed stress related you should see your doctor. You will have to seek further if the hair loss is genetic.

For the people that have hair loss due to genetics you could opt for hair implants but it is a pricey option. Wigs are also in fashion these days, even for people that have hair.

There are many products out there that claim that it will grow your hair back or it will prevent it from falling out. These products could be a great money waster. In my opinion it is best to just let mother nature do what it needs to do.

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