Sports and Health  Sport Health

Sports and Health Sport Health

Fitness: the efficiency of the body in the face of lifes requirements.

The most important development of public health and fitness elements:

1. genetics (genetic traits can be obtained through marriage test conducted in family planning centers).

2. nutritional balance (get used to the daily feeding method suitable for consumption quantities and types of good nutrition -).

3. athletic balance (get used to regulate physical movement and exercise on a daily basis) method.

4. rest and sleep (get used to rest and sleep and methods of relaxation and recuperation between daily activities).

5. Avoid bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs, drugs, sedatives).

6. ideal weight (moderation and consistency between the blocks of muscle and body measurements and the lack of fat in the body through sport and proper nutrition program and get rid of the bad habits of course).

7. attention to social aspects (which is based on the development of relations between the individual and the family and friends).

8. Independent personal growth (enjoy the happiness and sense of self and appreciation mental ability).

2. formation and the development of economic and social family.

3. parenting style that arises upon the individual.

4. environment, including the different powers of the individual can not be controlled.

 into account the quality of the food and the activity of the individual, taking into account age, sex, as provided for by health conditions.

 level of cleanliness, lighting and ventilation.

 home efficiency (cover an individuals physical and mental needs).

 housing be clean family cleanliness address.

1. protect the individual from disease and infection out.

2. raise the morale of the individual.

4. doubled from turning towards work and production.