2011  July  Healthy Girl Now

2011 July Healthy Girl Now

Former Fat Girl to Healthy Girl

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Have you been saying that you want to lose weight? Or one day I’m going to join the gym? These are great goals but these ideas alone will not result in success. They almost sound like fantasies if there is not action plan in place. I remember before I finally made changes, wanting to lose weight and wanting to exercise. I remember clipping a picture of a model out of a magazine hoping for inspiration to get to that size one day. However, I had no action plan and this was a fantasy. I even purchased a treadmill one year and used it for about a couple of weeks. I felt good but I had no real plan and didn’t know how to really use it to lose weight. I say this because, often after I used it, I ate a huge bowl of cereal afterwards because I would be starving and didn’t know what I should eat after working out. Soon, after not seeing any weight loss, I gave up and my treadmill got dusty. The problem wasn’t the treadmill but it was a lack of a plan. A diet is not a plan and joining a gym is also not the answer alone. A plan is necessary because it gives a sense of direction and some actions toward reaching the goal. When you decide that you want to eat healthier, you will buy healthier food. Also when you decide that you want to move more, you will find ways to be more active. Also make the decision to do a lifestyle change, rather than a quick fix weight loss.

Stay tune to August, I’m going to commit to 31 days of blogging. I’ve been slacking and I want to get back to motivating and being motivated.

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Living healthy improves the mind, body and soul. I know that when we decide to eat healthier and exercise, we are looking for the immediate results of weight loss. Once we achieve weight loss, we feel better about our appearance. I have found that the benefits expand far beyond just improving physical appearance. It really makes you feel good inside and out. Whenever I’m making healthier choices, I feel smarter and more confident and in control. There are so many things in our lives that we cannot control. However, there are things within reach that can make our lives little less complicated. Making better food choices and moving your body more are things that you can control and make yourself feel better. Now that it’s summer, there are more choices open to us. Fruit is a great option this time of year, so many choices and options. For example, last weekend I observed a lady eating a grilled peach with cinnamon and honey on it. Now I haven’t tried grilling fruit yet, but I must admit that the smell and appearance was very appealing. Also, now is a good time to eat healthy salads with your own homemade dressings. At a recent Weight Watchers Meeting, I heard about freezing a banana and then letting it thaw a little, then placing it in a blender to make something like ice cream. These are great ways to enjoy fruit and great tastes. Also if weather permits, it’s a great time to enjoy early morning or evening walks. Encourage your children as well to get outside and play. This sets them up for a healthier lifestyle to be active and enjoy it. So I hope that everyone realize the overall benefits for making healthier choices and realize that there is a great healthier version of life waiting for them.

For a long time I have been talking about eating right and exercise and how much you benefit from them. Well I have to say that I’m so thankful that I had adopted this thought process and lifestyle before my injury. I’m so excited to report that my therapist is thrilled with my progress. I am as well, I feel that my knee is coming in full speed and things that I thought were going to be impossible have come to pass. Also last week, I returned to work and had to go to the Zumba class, I wore my brace for extra support and I loved it. I also went to Turbo Kick and I did a little, not like I used to but, it felt good to be there again. Being around my workout buddies, the music and everything felt like home. Also I’m probably one of the few people that enjoy my physical therapy. Just like exercise, I’m amazed at my physical progress. I tend to underestimate my abilities and so when I am able to accomplish something it makes me feel so good. Like I remember the first physical therapy session I went to, I couldn’t bend my knee at all or lift my leg. It took several weeks, but what really helped me, was completing the exercises I was given to do on my own. Over the course of my therapy that is what helped me progress and I’m more convinced than ever the importance of exercise. I hope that everyone that has a desire to change their lifestyle regardless of current circumstances, make the effort, every little bit counts. Also just because you can’t do something today doesn’t mean you can’t do it tomorrow! Keep trying and don’t give up, you’ll be amazed at your progress.

I first want to apologize for not writing in a long time. I thought I would write more during my time off work but I decided to write when I felt like I could provide real motivation.

By now everyone knows that I suffered a knee energy and this put an end to my workout routine. I did not allow myself to get depressed because I feel bless with my recovery. Also even though I couldnt do my favorite workouts, I have been able to get back into working out mode through my physical therapy. Im probably one of the few people that I enjoy it. Its because this journey has taught me so much about my body and strength and endurance.

There were days I went to physical therapy and felt hopeless as my leg muscles were so weak and I couldnt do simple tasks. However, during my downtime, I would continue to do my prescribed exercises and before I knew it, the muscles would come alive. This made me excited and feeling accomplished. Over the last few weeks my therapist has praised me for my efforts and my doctor loves my positive attitude. She told me on my last appointment that she wishes that she could prescribe it to all her patients and she believes that this is also the key to my successful recovery.

So I will start writing regularly again and continue with the updates.

I hope that this post helps you see the importance of thinking positive and achieving great things!

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