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Writings of Ottawa MAC Youth Workers

This past September marked the ninth anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11. Like everyone else, emotions flooded back as I reflected on the years since the disaster.

After 9/11, the world was told not to let the terrorists win by living in fear. Nine years later a Time magazine poll found 46% of [...]

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Muslim fatwa on terror not new

Re: Thanks For The Fatwa, editorial, Jan. 20

Major Canadian news outlets, including the National Post, have brought the recent fatwa by 20 imams condemning terrorism to the nations attention. The imams have been deservedly congratulated. However, the follow-up questions and patronizing advice that accompanied these media accounts have suggested that this type of [...]

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Ahmed Khalil reflects on his relationship with the late Sheikh Mohamed Rashad, imam of Masjid Assalam.

He passed away while on the mountain of Arafah, in Saudi Arabia, dressed in the white ihram worn by pilgrims. I was stunned when I first read the email announcing the death of Sheikh Mohamed Rashad. For the next [...]

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Whether you call it Islamophobia or just plain reporting, Muslims are in the news and except for 20-second sound-bites from a local Eid celebration, its not good.

Theres the persistent and popular debate on the hijab and Muslim women in general. There are wars waged or threatened in Muslim countries such as Iraq and [...]

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The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him said, In every creature there is a reward. [Sahih Muslim & Sahih Al Bukhari]

Islam is truly a religion of mercy and compassion. One of the benefits of fasting is for Muslims to prove their humility. Our hearts sincerely warm up [...]

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Do we as Muslims volunteer? Or are we voluntold? Urban Dictionary defines voluntold as, “When someone volunteers someone else for something so that the other person really doesn’t have a choice.” If you’re interested in the question, or perhaps have other questions such as, “Who would voluntell me?” then read on! I promise you an answer.

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Big responsibilities, small acts of faith

Ive never been one for sound bites. These little excerpts, intended to widen our worldview in a matter of seconds, actually narrow our outlooks and frames of reference.

As a Muslim, I feel inundated by sound bites from both sides of the fence. Islam is the fastest growing religion and a religion of peace. [...]

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From Jeffrey to Light: One Man’s Inspirational Journey

“Islam does so much for you; it gives you guidance, tells you how to live your life… the foods to eat and the foods to stay away from. Who we should marry, relationships between husband and wife and parents and children, so it’s a whole way of life.”

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“Eids are a cherished opportunity to multiply one’s good deeds through bringing happiness and pleasure to the hearts of others,” writes Imam Zijad Delic, Executive Director of the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC), in an article titled, The Significance and Importance of Eid Celebrations in Islam.

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Honour killing or crime of passion?

Andrew Dufresne’s fingers shake as he loads his gun. He quickly sips from his stainless steel wine bottle. He is angry, high on adrenaline, shivering and wild-eyed. In the night, he stumbles out of his car and walks towards a house, gun in hand.

This is a scene from the classic motion picture The Shawshank Redemption. [...]

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