Healthy Eating For Children And Young People

Healthy Eating For Children And Young People

It can be hard to eat healthily in these days of fast food, convenience meals and takeaways, but teaching children and young people the importance of eating a well-balanced diet is vital to ensure they stay fit and healthy both inside and out.

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n may not even be aware of all the hidden additives in certain foods, like salt and sugar in microwave meals for example; it can be hard enough for adults, after all. One of the best ways to address the issue of children eating unhealthy foods is to cook with them.

Helping children to prepare their own food has multiple benefits. Not only will it allow you to ensure that there are no hidden nasties in what they are eating, it will educate them about food and nutrition, give them skills that will mean they don’t have to rely on convenience meals and fast food when they are older and it will also give you quality time together, making food more fun.

When it comes to lunches and light meals, teach your children the benefits of making small changes, such as swapping white breadfor wholemeal bread for wheatgerm, providing more long-lasting energy and keeping them fuller for longer.

Limiting the amount of sugary, fizzy drinks children and young people consume will help them in terms of maintaining a healthy weight and in terms of avoiding too many fillings. Encourage your children to choose water and occasionally diluted squash instead.

If your child has a sweet tooth you could try to encourage them to enjoy natural foods such as yogurt with honey or snacks of dried fruit, rather than chocolate or sweets. Of course, it would be unrealistic to think most children would cut out these things completely, but swapping them from time to time will help.