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Here at TruCare Healthcare Pharmacy

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Prescription Assistance Program

The Overview

Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs) are typically sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and are designed to provide free or low-cost medication to low income, uninsured and underinsured populations. The majority of pharmaceutical companies have some form of a PAP for some or all medicines.

How does the program work?

· Pharmaceutical companies provide free medications to people who apply and qualify.

· The approval process takes 4 to 6 weeks.

· Medications are sent to the prescribing doctor’s office in a 3 to 4 month supply with some approvals for a year and others require reapplying every 60 to 90 days.

Who’s eligible?

· No income or low income, uninsured and underinsured patients…this means: No Private insurance or Medicaid

·All Patients that are prescribed any of the eligible meds

How to apply?

· A preliminary eligibility screening of your financial status and prescribed medication is done to verify that you meet program guidelines.

·If you are eligible, Prescription Assistance Specialist will assist you with your application process. This takes less than 15 minutes of your time if you have all required documents.

qSome fees will apply depending on your livelihood, if you have no income and no means of support you are still welcomed.

Administrative Fees are $15.00 per session (each session is a 6 month term)

Processing Fees are $5.00 per prescription

Why should you apply?

·You will be saving money and time.

What are the required items to bring?

· Current Prescription or all prescriptions bottles or you can also have your Doctor''s office fax over your prescription(s) to 713-589-2935

Proof of Identification: one of the following

· State issued driver’s license or identification card

·Un-Expired identification card with photo

Proof of Income:

·Monthly Household Income Documentation for the last 60 days

(E.g. pay stubs, earnings statement, & wage details)

·Current year Federal Tax Return

·Social Security Administration Award letter or Benefits Statement

(E.g. SS, SSI, SSDI, SSRI, etc.)

·Supporter’s Monthly Income documents w/ completed Supporter’s Statement

Other: if you have them:

·Medicaid Denial Notification (Dated within the past 2 years)

· TDHS Food Stamp Award Letter

· Letter of Proof of Residency from a Rehabilitation Facilities or Shelter

All letters MUST specify income status and clarify if you are an outpatient or inpatient.