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When regularly meditating, as you start to notice your feelings that have been accumulating inside your mind tend to naturally vaporize. One must not do anything special to have this happen to them, it will happen naturally as your concentration deepens and your mind starts quiets down.You might start your meditation session stressed and worried about small stuff, but after you have been meditating for half an hour you start to feel lighter and worry free.

To better release these feelings, you could practice techniques in meditation that require awareness, or just inviting in whatever is bothering you so your mind can let it go.When you practice letting your experience be, and that includes you criticisms and judgments, you may begin to realize that your self attitude starts to change in subtle ways. You may also notice that you have developed more compassion for your self.If you are looking for the easiest instructions on how to relax you are in the right place.

We can talk about the benefits of meditation forever, but if you have actually tried doing it you are going to find out fast that your mind can be very stubborn and does not want to quiet down. Some meditation masters like to compare the mind to training a puppy you know how hard it can be. The more you try to force your mind to quiet down the more it doesn’t want to stop.So when trying to relax when meditating you are going to gently return your mind when it strays again and again to your chosen point of attention.

When i was in college i began to meditate, after school i used to take the subway to a meditation center in the east side of Manhattan. Every Time i would enter the meditation center, the smell of incense used to calm me down and then i knew i was in a special place. A place where i can be peaceful. And as i would start meditating, i could feel my breath and my mind slow down. I began to get frustrated to find that i couldn’t relax and have the same quality of meditation i experienced there on the mat me and my friends shared. In the years i have been meditating i started noticing that the environment surrounding your meditation, where you sit, what you wear or the energy that you invest, will have an impact on your meditation. Trying to relax while counting your breathe in a busy environment can be a challenge, but you will go deeper fastest in a place where you can have some quiet time. In this modern time we are constantly being bombarded with stimulation, like TV, music, radio etc.. and it can be hard to find the place or even time to meditate, so what i do is meditate with music, no i don’t mean that heavy metal CD sitting on your car, what i listen to is slow jazz, or some kind of rhythm that will slow me down. So by i means you could use your favorite CD to slow your mind down. When you have successfully slowed down you can move on to your quiet space, and if your mind starts to wander, bring it back to the music.

This may seem like an easy one, but you may be surprised when you go to a meditation center and people show up with jeans, which makes it impossible to cross your legs or even breathe right. One should wear loose clothing to be able to breath deeply and keep your circulation going in the right way.

The tradition is to meditate one hour after one wakes up, or the best time will be before the sun come up. Your mind is awake and well rested by sleep, and usually after you wake up your mind isn’t obsessing and worrying yet, so you can stay more focused and you may find it easier to stay present. The benefits to meditating when you wake up is that you set the tone for a peaceful and less stressing day. People may take an hour or two to fully wake up from an eight hour rest, and others find it easy to roll right out of bed, drink their morning coffee and rush right out to work. If you are the kind of person that has a hard time getting up and is in a bad mood it may be better for you to meditate before going to bed, if fact that’s what i do. When i meditate before going to sleep i find that my sleep is way more restful and i need less of it to wake up energized. There is a downside to meditating before bed, you may be too tired or stressed at the end of the day and may want to go right to sleep. If you are a parent and spend all your free time taking care of the kids, from school, activities, sports, dinner etc.. what you can do is instead of reading the newspaper or watching TV you can meditate instead. Sex is similar to meditation in many ways, and one of them is that you may want it to be short, quick, long or slow. When you apply this comparison to meditation, you will get the drift, if you are not able to set the half an hour to meditate for a couple minuets. Setting five to ten minuet meditation periods once a day is better than meditating one hour a week even though you may want to do both. The best way to find out what best suits you is to try a bunch of different options.

When you are a beginner a couple of minuets may seem like an eternity, if you are just starting off you can increase the time of your sittings as your interest and enjoyment grows. When your body and mind start to slow down your time is up, that may be a sign that your meditation muscle is getting stronger and may need to extent your sitting time. Most people may need several minuets to start settling, so when you get to the point where you are meditating 15 to 20 minuets try doing it for a couple of weeks at a time to build your concentration. As your concentration begins to strengthen you will begin to settle faster into a focused and relaxed mind. When you are at the point where your can sit for thirty to forty minutes at a time each day by all means do it regularly, and you will understand why most meditation teachers recommend the long stretch. Regular practice is better than meditating a long time one day than abstaining the rest of the week.

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