Talks on Demand- The Low Sacrifice Diet

Talks on Demand- The Low Sacrifice Diet

CD Burning Tips

1. You must burn you audio files to a CD in one sitting if you want to listen to them on car or home stereos

Unlike Data CD''s, there is no Multisession standard for Audio CD''s, so you can not create a Multisession Audio CD. However, as long as you do not choose ''Finalize'' or ''Disc-At-Once'' options when you first write to the Audio CD, you can add sessions to the Audio CD. For example: You could burn two talks to your CD in one session, and then come back the next day or next year and add another talk in another session. You could do this till the audio CD is full, or until you choose the ''Finalize'' or ''Disc-At-Once'' option when you write the last track you wish to add to the CD.

The one draw back to this is your Car and Home Stereo can only read the very first session on the audio CD and those audio tracks contained in that session. Using the above example, this means you would only be able to see and play the first two talks ever written to the CD. But if you go to your Computer, you will be able to see all the sessions and so be able to see and play all the talks on the CD. So you need to record them all in one session and then finalize the disc. When asked to specify the format select ''Audio CD'' rather than ''MP3 CD'' as this will cause the MP3 files to be converted into CDA format which is read by normal CD players.

Note: Some Recorders, for example Yamaha Recorders, support a feature called ''RW Edit Disc''. If you have Nero Burning ROM, not supported with Nero Express, and you created an audio CD in ''Track-At-Once'' mode, you can open the session and remove audio files from the first session, or add audio files to the first session. In this fashion, your car or home stereo will be able to see and play all the songs written to CD. This only works with CDRW media.

2. The audio CD I created will not play in my Car or Home Stereo
As long as the audio CD is created without any error message from our software, and you are able to play the CD on your computer using your CDROM or DVDROM drive, then your burner has done it''s job correctly.

If it only fails or has trouble when playing in your Car or Home Stereo, then you more than likely have a compatibility issue between the CD media and your player. You can try the steps below to resolve your issue:

i) Try a slower write speed.

ii) Try more than one brand of CDR media, in some cases you need to try with 4 or 5 different brands till you find one that works well with your player.

iii) Upgrade the firmware for your model recorder.

iv) Use only CDR media, as many home and car stereos will not work with CDRW media.

v) In some cases Audio CDs are not playable if they are burned in TAO (Track-At-Once) mode. Try burning in DAO (Disc-At-Once) mode.