The Basic Rules To Natural Weight Loss

The Basic Rules To Natural Weight Loss

As a personal trainer and fitness coach I am usually presented with the question ‘How can I lose weight as quickly as possible?’ on a semi-daily basis. Normally this comes from ladies looking to shed some unwanted weight around the waistline before a special occasion, such as getting married. If you have ever known anyone trying to lose weight quickly you’ll know that they are often their own worst enemy, constantly searching for expensive and unproven miracle solutions rather than the basic facts which simply work.

So today we’re going to focus on what DOES work. What actually helps you to cut your body fat sufficiently so that you can fit into that dress or outfit comfortably and, just as importantly, what takes very little time to achieve these results. Our five tips will help you below.

* To start the ball rolling in the right direction you need to work out your current daily calories and chop it down. Not drastically, but sufficiently so you notice a difference in the amount of food that you eat. Dropping by 10% to 15% is fine, but nothing more than that at the beginning.

* Secondly, protein has less impact on fat storage than carbs or fats so if you fancy a snack, protein up.

* Third we look at convenience snacks. Most people fall off the ‘wagon’ when they are at work without food and can see the vending machine in all it’s glory staring them down all day. Take some small tubs to work, pack them with a healthy protein rich snack and you will be amazed how much weight this will take off you over the course of a couple of weeks.

* When you lose weight you want to ensure it’s bad weight which is coming off, i.e. you want to be losing fat not muscle. Even if you’re a lady and have no intention to look like a bodybuilder, you do not want to be burning off muscle tissue. So when you drop your carbs down to lose weight like most dieters do, be sure to increase your protein intake. This will prevent your body from burning muscle and ensure you are only losing unwanted fat.

* Last but certainly not least is our most important rule. Take a day off each week. Whether you want to or not, it’s a good move. Why? Because something as simple as a day off allows you to do two very important things….

Temptation is our worst enemy when dieting, so it makes a lot of valid sense to take a day off each week. Label it a ‘reward’ or ‘treat’ if you wish, but basically this will help you to stick to your program for far longer. If you have ever known someone attempt a diet plan and fall spectacularly off the rails after about 3 weeks you’ll know this makes perfect sense.

If you have had difficulty staying on a diet in the past you will absolutely love this one tip in particular. In fact this is the reason so many people fail. They cut out their favorite foods and punish themselves for wanting a better body. You don’t have to. That approach leads nowhere fast. Keep enjoying your day off. Sometimes just knowing you have it coming up is enough to stop you from binge eating during the week.

No matter whether you just want to drop a dress size or if you want to change your life completely, these simple facts are the basis of any successful long-term diet. Not only will you lose weight, but you will lose it quickly because the changes you are making are scientifically backed up without any need for gimmicks or miracle products. Better still, once gone the weight will actually stay off this time.

About the Creator: Russ Howe is a qualified and respected Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. If you are lost with your diet, be sure to watch your exclusive video step-by-step to how to lose weight today.