Wellness: Finding balance in all dimensions of life

Wellness: Finding balance in all dimensions of life

Wellness: Finding Balance In All Dimensions Of Life

Wellness is not merely absence of illness at the moment but a state of wellbeing that not just ensures prevention of illness but also a balancing of mind, body, emotions and spirit to enjoy life with enhanced productivity for optimal living. You do this by making healthy lifestyle choices I present on this site and by inculcating personal growth principles I share on my other blog. This empowers you to be a Total Personality, the achievement of which I have been helping people with.

Going further, today I introduce an even enlarged wellness concept which has been woven as an amazing program for life long wellbeing. WellPeople, which has created the highly useful program, based on the vision of Wellness Inventory creator Dr. John W. Travis, MD, MPH, calls this a Whole Person Wellness Program.

The core principle of this successful program is that wellness is more than diet, weight & exercise. It is finding a balance in all dimensions of life. The Wellness Inventory identifies 12 dimensions of wellbeing which are:Self-Responsibility & LoveBreathingSensingEatingMovingFeelingThinkingPlaying & WorkingCommunicatingIntimacyFinding MeaningTranscendingRead an explanation of the 12 dimensions.

What Does the Wellness Inventory Program Offer?

This online program offers dynamic interactive tools to improve wellbeing. It is an innovative program for personal lifestyle change that focuses on self-responsibility and engages the whole person — body, mind, emotions, and spirit. This is a whole person solution for personal & professional well being. The program will help you with practical tools to create sustainable lifestyle change.

The program is endorsed by MDs, RNs, therapists, naturopaths, wellness

and life coaches. Proven for over 30 years, this visionary, deep

approach is now online for easy interactive access and self-management.

Wellness Inventory online portal lets you organize, balance, and improve

all areas of your life, from relationships to activities, for any

With this fun-to-use online program, you can:Discover what you’re most motivated to changeCreate and manage action steps for improvementConnect to deeper meaning in your personal life.Enjoy better work-life balance and productivity.Gain more clarity and focus for your endeavors.This program is a powerful tool to help you: Live better, healthierLose weightReduce stressEnhances work life balanceIncrease resilienceImprove relationships

Using online, interactive tools based on exclusive content offered by this program, you can:Assess your current level of wellness in 12 life dimensionsDiscover specific areas you''re most motivated to change.Use the Virtual Coach to create and improve action stepsCustomize and receive email reminders for each of your steps.Support your plan using your Wellness Journal and Self-Study Center.Retake any dimension up to every 30 days to evaluate your needs and progress.Compare Assessment scores to identify areas for improvement.Dive deeper into wellbeing with articles and learn more in our Resource Center.How Much Does It Cost & Is It Worth?

At $39.95 for a full one-year subscription to the program, you get a set of wonderful tools to assess the levels of each dimension, create an action plan, get the help of a virtual coach, a progress tracker, a wellness journal to record your experiences, self study center for exploring wellbeing practices and wellness resource centers with links to books, DVDs and CDs.11 cents a day is not a big investment considering you get your insurance to enjoy a greater quality of life, long term health & wellbeing.You may take a TOUR to see all the features.

See how the Wellness Inventory whole-person approach can improve your personal and professional wellbeing.

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