Colon Cleansing: Improve your Health with a Colon Cleanse - Articles & News About Health

Colon Cleansing: Improve your Health with a Colon Cleanse - Articles & News About Health

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Colon Cleansing: Improve your Health with a Colon Cleanse

Did you know that most people have 5lbs to 40lbs of fecal mass in their colon at any given point of time? When you consider that this build-up can lead to bowel congestion, leeching of toxins into the bloodstream and preventing the body from absorbing all the nutrients out of the foods we eat, then it becomes quite clear that unclogging this out of your system would be beneficial. And that is what colon unclogging is all about - simply cleansing the colon of built-up fecal mass. But what is the best colon cleaning product we have available now? The answer to that question really lies in whether you want to do it yourself at home, or whether you can put yourself through the ''embarrassment'' of having someone perform the process for you.

The most Common Colon Unblocking methods: So now we know that colon purging has some very needed and distinct benefits. Not only does it flush the digestive system of unwanted toxins, but it allows the colon to once again be most effective in absorbing all the favorable nutrients out of the foods we consume. But how do we do it? How do we flush the colon? Simple, there are 5 very common methods and we will look at each one individually. They are: diet, colonic irrigation, laxatives, herbal remedies and Oxygen-based cleansers.

1. Altering your Diet: Many colonic and digestive problems stem from us eating foods and drinks which are not what nature intended us to consume. Our bodies are very similar to what they were in the Stone Age when our diets were very different. Low fat, high complex carbohydrates, high fiber diets are what our bodies are adapted for. In countries where this type of diet is the rule, obesity, heart disease, and other degenerative diseases are rare. Diets should be light and nutrient rich and have high water content. Drinking ample quantities of pure water is a necessity for any fasting or flushing program.

2. Enemas and Hydrotherapy: Enemas and hydrotherapy entail the insertion of an apparatus into the anus and water being forced into the colon to help melt away some of the fecal substance in the lower end of the colon. Colon Hydrotherapy differs in that is uses more water than an Enema and should always be administered by a professional healthcare worker. There are some DIY Enema kits available, but truth be known, both are uncomfortable, invasive and can be very embarrassing.

3. Herbal Remedies: Herbs that support the laxative effect of the above botanicals are fennel seed, which helps with gas and cramps, and peppermint, which aids the digestion. Along with laxative herbs, a colon clean out is likely to include herbs like dandelion root or red clover, which are unblocking to the blood and the urinary tract, so that the complete system gets cleansed of toxins. To date there is no herb however that has shown to be effective in blasting away or melting away compacted fecal material. This is the main target of any whole colon cleaning regime, and this is where herbal remedies fall short. They improve regularity, but don''t properly rid the colon of the hazardous compacted fecal substance.

4. Laxatives: A laxative can be an excellent master plan for temporarily relieving constipation and improving regularity in your bowel movements, but as for blasting away the compacted fecal mass that is the root cause of most colon symptoms, well, a laxative doesn''t assist much.

5. Oxygen-based Cleansers: Many people have as much as 15 or 20 pounds of old fecal material impacted on the walls of the colon. Fortunately, there is a way to liquidize this material from the small and large intestines as well as the colon. A desirable quality oxygen based colon cleanser is one that consists of oxides and peroxides of magnesium that have been pressurized with oxygen. These chemical will release oxygen when they combine with the hydrochloric acid in your stomach. This type of colon cleanser actually turns that impacted hard mass (that has been lodged in your digestive tract for a long time) into a liquid or gas so that it can be eliminated from the body. The chemicals oxidize the matter safely and effectively. Naturally this means that the bowel movements will be watery and gaseous for a while. This is not actually diarrhea, but a result of the oxidation.

Removing the compacted fecal material from the digestive tract will blow out many toxins from your system. This can result in clearer skin, more energy, fewer headaches, improved allergy afflictions, and many other benefits. Of course, results vary from individual to individual, but there are many reports of multiple benefits from doing a colon clarify. There are a number of colon unclogging methods available to us nowadays. From the above overviews of the 5 most common techniques, it is plain to see that changes in diet are vital, but the most effective strategy for purging the colon properly is to use an oxygen-based cleanser, like OxyPowder, which will actually dissolve the compacted material and eject it out of your system. As a result, you will rid your digestive system of unhealthful toxins, and make it easier for your body to better absorb the nutrients from the foods you consume.

For more information on colon cleansers, visit where you can find tips, advice and articles on super colon cleanser techniques.

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