How To Fast Properly-(part2)

How To Fast Properly-(part2)

“Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”
Edward Stanley

How To Fast Properly
(Why fasting-part 2)
By Maya

This is mostly for those who never even tried fasting (that much more they need it!!) and who might have just a little experience with it. In any case fasting is an EXCELLENT way to remove accumulated toxins from your body and this way help to rejuvenate your whole being. So here are some important basics to remember:

  • When you start your fasting, you might experience some unpleasant side effects. The more toxins you have in your body (living mostly on junk food and other unhealthy “nourishment”) the stronger is your body reaction. This could be manifested as nausea, tiredness, headache and such. Reason being is that body is taking its chance to get rid of that trash, but your kidneys cannot accomplish heavy task as fast, being momentarily overwhelmed.
    Please hold on, because such a reaction is a sure sign of serious toxins removal. It would go away very soon, 2nd or 3rd day at the most. When you repeat the detox process again in a future (which you definitely should) your reaction would be much weaker and eventually none.
  • Keeping such a possibility in mind it might be a good idea to start slower. You should be the best judge of that, knowing how big is your guilt in your dieting (here meaning is not specific diet, just generally good or bad eating lifestyle.) If you are big eater, start perhaps by reducing amount of food for few days, like skipping 2 meals or so. Again here idea is to make body adjusted to fasting. Body is very much trainable to what it gets, so eventually you can do 2-3 days of fasting with no problem at all and have all toxic waste cleaned out.
  • Fasting is a very individual matter so don’t take anyone else as an example in order to expect the same results. Its just the same as you would expect everyone gain weight same way, or tolerate all the food same way. One thing is for sure and you never could go wrong if you: “Listen to your body”
    You certainly know what I mean. Body have a way telling you all; body’s pain makes you aware something went awry, body’s tiredness makes you aware there is a time to rest, body’s heartburn or belly ache makes you aware of wrong food consumption…However, are you a good listener? If yes, you would not have that many problems because you appease your body’s complaints. You take proper steps to make a peace. But if you ignore these vital signals, be prepared for serious trouble coming. Sooner or later. Let’s say persistent digestive problem is not something to take lightly. It would progress. Not to mention that faulty digestion could have very unpleasant influence on your overall health. Your body would lack nutrition due to poor absorption and other organs would “starve” and eventually go on “strike.” Avoid this! You have only ONE health!
  • I would not provide detailed directions what to do at fasting, because it is so simple. You just don’t eat :-) As I have mentioned above, start slowly and when you doing serious fasting, let’s say for day or two, just drink good quality water to help flush kidneys. Preferably reverse-osmosis treated water. Water would also help a bit to chase away possible hunger. The more water you drink the better. Some fasting methods recommend to drink only juices, and so on… which is fine for day or so, but real cleanse should include only water, because juice contains sugar. I personally like to do things RIGHT when I do them.

There is one reminder though: if you are already seriously ill with some degenerative disease, or are pregnant, serious fasting is not for you. But you still might be able to salvage situation by sticking to proper diet and avoid all that “trash” food that would not make your existing condition any better.

With you healthier,

In a following posts look for : “Watch for your proper food intake when doing serious lifestyle changes…”