Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet

Getting Back To Nature With A Raw Food Diet

The world is organized in such a way that we can find everything we need for life within nature. We find food, shelter, even medicine, all available and growing naturally. And, while man has created some good convenient substitutes for what nature offers, our bodies generally respond better to things that are closer to nature.

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The raw food diet is one example of how eating more natural food can have a great benefit to our health. Raw foodist, or those who adhere to this diet permanently, believe that heating food above 104 degrees Fahrenheit can damage the important enzymes foods contain and can even render some foods harmful.

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A raw food diet usually consists of various plant-based foods: fruits, vegetable, nuts and seeds. Some also allow for egg, fish and other specific meats that are safe to eat raw. Raw foodists also often opt for organically grown foods.

Food preparation can be very simple, with washing and chopping the foods being the most difficult thing to do, but there are some foods that require more effort to prepare. Some must be sprouted, while others have to soak for an extended period of time before they are digestible.

When preparing food for a raw diet it is recommended that you have a blender, food processor, juicer and dehydrator, rather than the oven, stove and microwave that people on a more conventional diet use.

As with most any strict diet of this type, science has shown both good and bad outcomes of following the diet. Those who follow the diet strictly long-term show signs of vitamin B12 deficiency, lower bone density, higher incidence of underweight in women and dental erosion. People eating only raw foods are also at an increased risk of food poisoning and must be very careful of the foods they eat, and how they are stored.

However, there are also many benefits to following a raw food diet. The likelihood of developing cancer is reduced, although this is also true of diets that are high in both raw and cooked vegetables. Some benefits are strictly seen for those eating only raw foods, though.

The symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia have been proven to be reduced by adherence to a raw food diet. Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms are also diminished on this diet. The risk for cancer has been proven to be reduced, presumably due to the heat-liable phytonurtrients.

As one would expect, a raw food diet also is very beneficial for obesity, as it reduces obesity. Another great outcome is that hypertension is reduced on the diet as well.''

A raw food diet is one that can be followed by almost anyone anywhere. Because there is little food preparation required for much of the food, it is simple to eat while traveling. It can also increase energy levels and improve the overall sense of well-being. When combined with a good exercise plan it can greatly contribute to a decrease in the risk of many chronic illnesses.

As with any diet, consult your physician before starting a raw diet in order to be sure it is a good diet for your specific health needs.


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