Sleeker, Smaller and Smarter: 24 Hour Fitness Launches bodybugg Upgrade  Healthtorial

Sleeker, Smaller and Smarter: 24 Hour Fitness Launches bodybugg Upgrade Healthtorial

Sleeker, Smaller and Smarter: 24 Hour Fitness Launches bodybugg Upgrade

By Lauren Castillo at 9 December, 2008, 1:30 pm

24 Hour Fitness is helping people reach their fitness and weight loss goals in the New Year with an updated version of the bodybugg calorie management system. This high-tech system has been used by contestants on NBC’s popular reality series “The Biggest Loser” for the past three seasons, and has also helped more than 100,000 Americans lose weight and stay fit.  I personally have used it with great results.

“The new bodybugg system includes a new armband device that is 50% smaller than the previous version, and includes the latest technology advancements from our partner, Body Media,” said Patrick Naaman, Senior Vice President of Merchandising. “It’s more accurate in helping our members achieve their personal fitness goals than ever before.”

The bodybugg armband device uses sophisticated body monitoring capabilities to provide users with a breakdown of their calorie consumption and expenditure. Upgraded features of the new bodybugg system include:

New sleek, contemporary look and 50% smaller size

USB cable to upload data and charge the device

Now both PC and Mac compatible

A free six-month online subscription to the Web interface for tracking progress and success

The bodybugg armband device contains four patented sensors that transform a stream of information about the body into a real-time measurement of calories burned. It tracks a variety of biometrics including galvanic skin response, physical activity, and body temperature throughout the day. No matter what activity a user is doing – washing dishes, playing with the kids or working out – the bodybugg calculates the amount of energy expended in each motion. Users then download their captured bodybugg data to a Web interface that tracks caloric measurements and helps them monitor their food intake and activity levels as they seek to achieve their fitness goals. The Web interface includes customized menus and a database of thousands of common foods to make calorie-tracking simple.

“The bodybugg is the tool I used to regain control of my life,” said Ali Vincent, the first-ever female winner from “The Biggest Loser” season five. “It is liberating to know where I am with my calorie burn at any given point throughout the day with one quick glance. This tool helps me live consciously and create the life I want to live.

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