pH levels - How they affect your Health

pH levels - How they affect your Health

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As someone who is investigating holistic health, and /or is already very well versed in effective health care protocols, you probably know the importance of keeping the bodily tissues in an alkaline state.

By design most of the human body is alkaline. If the blood deviates too much from it’s ideal pH – between 7.35 and 7.45, according to most health care professionals – for too long a period of time, the person becomes sick and eventually dies. It is easy to have an acid system in today’s world. Acidic waste products are constantly created during everyday metabolic processes. Most bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi love acidity, and as they reproduce they dump their acidic mycotoxins into the bloodstream. Emotional and physical stress create acidity. Animal protein, dairy products, grains, and even fruit create acids in the body–so unless one’s diet consists almost exclusively of raw vegetables and sprouts, acids generally build up faster than they can be excreted. (Although fruit forms an alkaline ash in the body, its high sugar content feeds pathogenic microbes which then proliferate and create acid wastes.)

Of course, the body has ways of regulating the acid-alkaline levels, via the respiratory tract, the urine tract, and the chemical and physiological buffering system (which includes the liver). The kidneys most efficiently get rid of acids; but even they have their limitations, since the blood transports excess acid to the kidneys only a little at a time, and slowly.

What happens when excess corrosive acids and acid-forming substances threaten to damage the bloodstream, threatening to build up faster than they are secreted? Eventually, the acids are simply relocated elsewhere in the body to protect the blood. The wastes get stored in the extra-cellular fluids, the connective tissue, the fat cells, the joints and even the organs. This is how a chain reaction of deterioration in bodily functions starts to occur. It is the autointoxication–include arthritis, allergies, fibromyalgia, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, kidney stones, obesity cancer, and bone loss. For instance, did you know that most of the calcium we ingest is not used for bone construction, but instead freely circulates in the body to be utilized in different metabolic processes, including the neutralization of systemic acid? The pH balance of the blood is so crucial that when no more calcium is available in the system, the body leaches it from the bones. Likewise, did you know that acids are stored in the fatty tissue to prevent the bloodstream from being poisoned? But this means osteoporosis and weight gain. And all because of systemic acidity!

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